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Welcome to ZOZO

New Zealand!

We are a team of algorithm and software developers creating brilliant new technologies that challenge conventional ideas about how people buy and wear clothes. We specialise in mathematical modelling, computer vision, machine learning and data analysis.

Our Services

Career Opportunities

Our business is all about our people. Extraordinary people, with talent, vision and flair. Lateral thinkers, innovators, pioneers. We move quickly and we get stuff done. We smash technical barriers and push the limits of the possible, to create exceptional new technologies relating to human body measurement and apparel.


We are growing our team, and need more brilliant people to join us. We offer a great work environment, absorbing projects, meaty technical problems, and perhaps the best remuneration packages in New Zealand.


Are you at the top of your game? The best in your class or team? Do you want to do something extraordinary with your career? Then you should get in touch with us. You may be exactly who we are looking for.

We have current 2 open positions:

Junior Devops Engineer

Linux, Server, Python, AWS, docker ...

Senior Software Engineer

C++, architect, image processing, mathematical modelling

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